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Smart Nebula Galaxy Projector Australia

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Premium Quality 3D Printed Moon Lamps: : See the difference our lamps are beautifully constructed featuring the latest NASA imagery, and feature premium grade rechargeable battery's to keep your Moon Lamp glowing all night long.

Environmentally Safe Material: One of the most important factors to consider when looking at Moon Lamps is whether or not the lamp is formed from Eco-friendly certified material. There are many lamps on the market that are made from cheap materials which are filled with toxins and may be harmful to people and the environment.

Ultra Realistic Design: Our 3D printed Moon Lamps are based on the latest NASA satellite imagery.

Unbeatable Range: We are specialists in 3D Lamp & Projector Technology With the biggest range of Galaxy Projectors, Moon Lamps, Saturn and Jupiter Lamps, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Sunset Lamps & Led Strip Lighting. Buy From Australia's Original Moon Lamp Brand.

3D Technology: Our Range of Lamp's are manufactured with latest 4th Generation 3D printing technology, providing an ultra realistic appearance of the each planet or galaxy.
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Smart Galaxy Projector + LED Nebula Cloud  (Alexa & Google Assistant 2022 Model) 

The 2022 Smart Nebula Galaxy Projector has landed. App Control, Voice Control, 16.7 Million Colour Combinations say Hey Alexa, Hey Google to control brightness, modes and turn Nebula Projector on & off.



Drift calmly away into space at night, turn any room into a planetarium.


With 16.7 million Colours behind green stars that float across your ceiling and walls & Multiple Brightness Settings, you’ll never run out of options with our Smart Nebula Galaxy Projector.

As an industry leader in Moon Lamps & Galaxy Projectors, Our Smart Nebula Projector uses only the highest quality lasers and superior holographic imaging technology, the same energy-efficient technology found in theme park lighting.


Get creative with your bedtime stories! This Galaxy Projector is voice command-activated for a hands-free experience.





galaxy projector with timer for bedroom

light projector with moving function

Smart Control

Our Smart Nebula Galaxy Projector works with the smart home app, allowing full control of the unit, you can change colours, adjust brightness, set timers, and adjust the speed of the star, nebula cloud via your phone directly.

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home via voice control allows for a state of the art flexibility.

Flexible Timing Setting

Set a timer for the night light projector to turn on or off automatically at certain times in the bedroom, provide an ideal sleep environment for you and children to fall into sleep smoothly, but also turn off as your preset time, no worry about the night light keeping turn on all the time, just enjoy a quiet night time.

Moving Function of Star Nebula Cloud

The light projector combines the stars and nebula cloud perfectly, which can be used together or separated(star light mode, nebula cloud mode, star and nebula cloud mode), you can set the rotation speed of the stars or nebula cloud from 0%-100% via the APP, create an extraordinary visual experience, and bring you a wonderful aurora starry sky.



      STAY IN CONTROL- Actual App Images 


 Adjust Brightness, Power unit on/off,

Customise RGB settings to create 16.7 Million colours.

Select 4 different pre-set scenes to create the right atmosphere for every occasion. 




How to connect the Smart Nebula Projector with our APP?

Step 1: Download the Smart Life App (You can directly scan the Instructions' QR codes)

Step 2: Connect the product to the power supply, slide to Wi-Fi mode.

Step 3: Connect to the Wi-Fi network, turn on/off on 3 times OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON until the indicator light flashes quickly.

Step 4: Open the Smart Life app, tap Add a device

Step 5: Select Lighting-Lighting(Wi-Fi) and enter the password (if applicable)

(Note Connect the phone to the 2.4 GHz network)

Step 6: Start Adding the device, and control your galaxy projector via Smart Life APP.


How to Connect to Alexa?

Step 1: Download APP “Alexa” on your phone.

Step 2: Search “Smart Life "in the “Alexa Skill”.

Step 3: Authorize Alexa to log in to the “Smart Life” App.

Step 4: Control your night light projector with voice, such as “Alexa turn on the Galaxy Projector”





Smart App + Voice Assistant Control

1. Please set the mode under the galaxy projector to wifi mode manually.

2. You need to download the APP on your phone: smart life.

3. App: You can turn the galaxy projector light of your mobile phone on and off, set the colour, saturation, scene selection and the set time of the galaxy projector light.

4. Intelligent voice device: can control lights on and off, change colour and brightness.

Main Feature

Manual & Wi-Fi Mode

Shell material: ABS

Maximum power: 7.5 W

Projection distance: 2-10 M

Package included

Smart Nebula Galaxy projector*1

USB cable*1

Power Adapter*1

User's Guide*1




Why You Should Choose 3D Moon Lamp?

Our Moon Lamp is: manufactured with latest 4th Generation 3D printing technology, providing an ultra realistic appearance of the moon.
3D Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp Experts: Buy from a specialist we only build & sell Moon Lamps and Space lamps.
Australian Store: 12 Month Local Warranty
Built-in Safety Battery: Our 3D Moon Lamp features a premium rechargeable battery, which helps to prevent over charging and provides much more longevity than non branded Moon Lamps.
Environmentally Safe Material: Non Toxic Design
Ultra Realistic Design: Our 3D printed Moon Lamps are based on the latest NASA satellite imagery.
The Other Moon Lamps
Ships from Overseas, slow delivery & no warranty
Built from cheap materials which are filled with toxins and may be harmful to people and the environment.
No Safety Battery: shorter operation time, uncertified.
Non Branded: limited quality control, , Not Original brand.
30 Day: or less warranty, limited product range.


The Best Moon Lamp Period.


Find anything you want to know about our Galactic range of Moon & Galaxy Lamps.
What is a Moon Lamp?
It is a moon light that looks like a miniature Moon. It is created by 3D printing technology and layer by layer stacking to bring the real appearance of the moon. The realistic design is achieved by using the latest satellite images from NASA. Our lamps are designed in such a way it exactly depicts the shape, texture and looks of the moon.
Whats the difference between your 3D Moon Lamp and others?
Our 3D Moon Lamps are manufactured to exacting standards and feature - safety battery's, non toxic Eco friendly construction, stacked layered 3D printing and local Australian warranty.
Why Use a Moon Lamp?
Our 3D Moon Lamps work as accent lighting, mood lighting and are very popular night lights for children across the world. The warm and subtle moon light emitted by our 3D Moon Lamp creates a truly magical atmosphere which is relaxing and peaceful.
What Other Products Do You Offer?
3D Moon Lamp currently manufactures Galaxy Lamps & Projectors as well Space Lamps- Saturn/Jupiter and Star Projectors. Buy the original and the best from these specialists.
How long does shipping take?
We generally ship standard free shipping orders in 48-72 hours. Standard Australia Post delivery is 3-7 business days for most locations. If you need it in a hurry we offer express post (charges apply) express delivery is approxmatley 1-3 business days for most metro locations.

For International orders please see ourshipping policydelivery times.
Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?
We stand our products at 3D Moon Lamp, and each handcrafted Moon Lamp is backed by a 1-year warranty for your piece of mind, we offer an extended warranty up to 5 years at checkout.
What forms of payment do you accept?
3D Moon Lamp currently accepts the following types of payment, Visa Mastercard Amex, AfterPay & Google Pay, Shop Pay.

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