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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Moon Lamp in 2022.
Updated March 7th 2022
When choosing a Moon Lamp, it is important to consider a variety of factors. Think about the lamp's size, colour, and brightness, the type of stand it includes (or requires), the length of the warranty, battery size and overall build quality, and whether it has real NASA imagery as its design source. The latest 4th generation Moon Lamps should be 3D printed with a premium filament and be constructed from a non-toxic pla. material. Read on below to learn more about choosing the best moon lamp that will not only set the mood but also last the test of time.
Choose a Moon Lamp Size.
When choosing the best sizes of moon lamps for your home or office one must consider the following, how big is the space it’s going to be used in? some moon lamps being sold on the market are tiny measuring only 3 inches in diameter (8cm) and can easily be held in the palm of a child’s hand. These sizes are simply too small to offer anything other than a short-term novelty effect. 

The smallest size one should consider for use as a night light or ambient lighting would be 6 inches or (15cm) this size will add a soft glow to brighten up a dark room. The most popular sizes of moon lamps to consider are 7 inches or larger in diameter and can be used for larger rooms offering better illumination & longer battery life. 

In summary, the ideal size range to consider when researching your Best Moon Lamp purchase would be between (M -15cm) (L-18cm) (XL-20cm) If you want the moonlight to really stand out, like the levitating models that have the WOW factor, consider the looking into the XL-20cm model.
Look for Moon Lamps between 15cm-20cm for the best performance.
Avoid Moon Lamps in the 8cm-14cm range, they are to small to offer any real value.
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Here we have pictured the 20cm 18cm 15cm and 12cm to show the scale.

What are the Best Moon Lamps Made out of?
The latest 4th generation Moon Lamps should be 3D Printed, the advantage of 3D printing with high-quality filament is the durability of the design. High-quality 3D printed moon lamps like 3DMOONLAMP are typically made from PLA (polylactic acid), a material that has proven its longevity and durability. For example, if you drop the 3DMOONLAMP from a few meters it may not do any harm, (we don’t recommend dropping any moon lamps as it could affect your warranty coverage) although it would easily destroy one made from ceramic, glass, or even a less durable plastic. The brand 3DMOONLAMP has the benefit of being more realistically designed and more closely modeled on the moon's actual topography, as its printing is done with the guidance of latest NASA imagery.
Look for 4th Gen Moon Lamp models, early gen Moon Lamps were made from a cheaper plastic filament which lacked in durability.
Avoid early generation Moon Lamps, models that lack the build quality and reliability of the new 4th Gen models.
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Pictured 4th Generation Moon Lamp being 3D Printed.

Types of Moon Lamps-Which One Should You Buy?
The simplest Moon Lamps contain an on/off switch and possibly a toggle switch for changing between colours. They are also limited & offer only 2 colours, usually white or yellow. The more advanced Moon Lamps such as 3DMOONLAMP offer much more functionality than your basic model, e.g. the ability to switch between up to 16 colours with a simple push of a button, or the use of remote control that offers even more capability such as auto colour shifting, soft fading modes. The choice depends on how much control you want to have over the lamp. If you require a very simple night light then you can probably get away with a simple 2 colour unit, however, the multicolour units give you the flexibility to grow as you require more functionality, making it the more future proof option.

The final type of Moon Lamp that is trending & has gone viral thanks to social media platform Tiktok is the Levitating Moon Lamp or Floating Moon Lamp, it operates via powerful magnets built into the lamp & wooden base module, this type of Moon Lamp does require constant 240v power, unlike the traditional Moon Lamps that operate wirelessly.
Look for best quality available Moon Lamp available in pricee range. 
Avoid poor quality Moon Lamps that are packed full of gimmicks: look for quality first features second.

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Here we have pictured the different colour options of the Moon Lamps.
Levitating Moon Lamp


How About Battery Life?
For the most part, the battery life of a Moon Lamp depends on the size & quality of the battery. However, as we have seen in so many cases simply purchasing based on the biggest numbers is a risky proposition. The key factor we need to find out when evaluating the Moon Lamp or any other battery-based LED lamp is the quality of the battery – a good quality design will feature a built-in safety battery, which helps to prevent overcharging and provides much more longevity than standard rechargeable batteries.

How Long Will The Battery Last & How Long To Recharge It? 
For example, expect a high-quality 500mAh lamp to last up to 12-16 hours on a two to three-hour charge, while of course a smaller 250mAh lamp will only last 4-8 hours on a lower brightness setting. Our recommendation is always to buy from a specialist brand, buy the brand, not the number. 
Look for Moon Lamps with 400mAh-500mAh with safety triggers built-in.
Avoid Cheap Moon Lamps Sold on Marketplace Sites, these often have low-quality batteries & they don't meet any local or global safety standards.
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Here we have pictured the 20cm 18cm 15cm and 12cm to show the scale.

How Do You Display Your Moon Lamp?
When looking at the best way to display your Moon Lamp Australia you should expect that most quality manufacturers will provide a compact wooden stand for the Moon Lamp to easily sit on.

A lot of cheaper generic Moon Lamps are being sold with a plastic version, it's best to avoid the plastic stands as they are of poorer quality and not environmentally friendly.

Levitating Moon Lamps are completely unique design and should have a simple wood, or metal stand with magnetic levitation componentry built in the base of the stand. Allowing the Floating Moon Lamp to shine as the focal point. – both figuratively and literally. 

The final type of stand that you may come across is a hand shape, targeting the art deco market. If you are looking for something more unique or bespoke custom stands can easily be constructed in different wood or material finishes. 

What about wall or ceiling mounting I can hear people shouting don’t forget that. It is possible to hang or mount certain Moon Lamps I would recommend you check with the manufacturer if their models support this option. 
Look for Moon Lamps with Wooden stands. as they offer the best aesthetic and stability.
Avoid the plastic stands sold on marketplace sites, these are not environmentally friendly & increase the carbon footprint.
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Here we have pictured the wooden stand, the preferred type.

What Type Of Light Patterns Do Moon Lamps Offer?
Most high-quality Moonlight designs will emit a constant and variable light pattern, most of the functionality is available at a touch of a button or remote control. 
Fades, flashes, and slow dimming are among some of the great new features available on the best Moon Lamps on the market. 
A unique feature you will find on brands such as 3DMOONLAMP is colour shifting, which gradually moves from one colour to the next, passing through a spectrum of light before repeating the cycle. In most cases, the light pattern can be customized for a more personalized experience.  
Look for 4th generation Moon Lamps which generally offer better functionality, than the older 2nd and 3rd generation models.
Avoid the early generation Moon Lamps being sold very cheaply, they are missing the better functionality and quality found on the latest 4th generation models.

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Here we have pictured Moon Lamps emitting different colour patterns.

What About Reliability For Moon Lamps Will They Last?
In this category, we will cover or summarise the last fundamental when looking to purchase the Best Moon Lamp. The W -Word “Warranty” often forgotten or not mentioned by most brands or resellers.

When you are looking to purchase the Best Moon Lamp or any lamp don’t forget the warranty, the minimum should be a local 12 months warranty, preferably with the option to extend further, 3DMOONLAMP is the only Moon Lamp on the market that offers a warranty from 12 months to up to 5 years. 
Look for a minimum of 12 months warranty, it should be local to your country or region.
For peace of mind look at brands who support longer warranties 2-5 years.
Avoid buying Moon Lamps without a local warranty or support. If there is a problem you will foot the bill for return global shipping Ouch!!.
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Here we have pictured the Warranty Overview.
That concludes our buyers' guide to purchasing a Moon Lamp in 2022, I have listed some of our recommended models below along with some other similar trending tech, ie Galaxy Projectors, Galaxy Lamps, Led Strip lighting, etc. I hope you found this guide informative & it added some value to research on the path to purchasing a Moon Lamp.  
We would love a comment, like and share as a lot of work went into researching & writing this guide.

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